“The Lost Grape” Documentary

Posted from Cristián Mír, AIDV member from Chile. 

As I mentioned during my presentation of GIs & Chilean Wine during the Annual Meeting in Kelowna, perhaps you all know Chile, but probably not everyone knows that the wine industry has been key to Chile’s economy, and most recently with the production of the lost variety “Carmenère”, rediscovered during the 1990s in Chile.”

 I attach a link to an article of a dear friend of mine, a wine specialist, which gives a preview of the story of how the “Carmenère” variety was rediscovered in Chile, and which is a preview of the documentary “The Lost Grape”, which we hope to see next year.”



12th Summer School on Global Wine Law

The upcoming 12th Summer School on Global Wine Law will take place in Reims, from April 24 to 28, 2023. This year, the academic program will focus on sustainability in its various aspects, and the faculty includes:

  • Bennett Caplan (FIVS)
  • Stephen Charters (MW)
  • Tracy Genesen (Wine Institute)
  • Antonio Graça (Sogrape)
  • Stefan Martin (EUIPO)
  • Nicola Tinelli (UIV)
  • Paco Tortolero (National University of Mexico)

And as always there will be visits and conferences to wine related sites, including the CIVC, Villa Bissinger, Moët & Chandon, Krug, Mailly, Eric Rodez, Champagne Mont d’Hor…

Applications are open until April 10 and for a max. of 30 participants. A University Diploma will be delivered upon successful final examination.

For more information visit: Sustainability and Global Wine Law