About AIDV Canada

The Canadian Chapter of the Association Internationale des Juristes du Droit de la Vigne et du Vin (AIDV) / International Wine Law Association* was founded in 2020. Its mandate is to develop knowledge and advance wine law and policy across members of the Canadian Chapter.**

As AIDV Canada, we are pleased to bring to Canadian legal and wine industry professionals a forum to develop and share legal and policy knowledge about the ever-evolving regulatory regime around wine in this country – and beyond.  Pertinent aspects of law and policy for AIDV Canada members include multilateral trade agreements, international production standards, intellectual property and trademarks, federal and provincial regulatory matters, interprovincial trade, and labour, health and consumer issues.

AIDV Canada was very pleased to host the AIDV International annual global conference and meeting in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley in autumn 2023.  We look forward to attending (this time as delegates) the 2024 AIDV International Conference, to be held in autumn 2024 (details to follow).   To receive notifications and registration details for the conference, please join AIDV Canada.

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* Incorporated in Canada as International Wine Law Association (Canadian Chapter), a federal not-for-profit society.

** Neither AIDV International nor AIDV Canada are advocacy bodies: we do not engage with governments on behalf of stakeholders or take positions as an organisation with respect to legislative or policy change.

AIDV International

The Association Internationale des Juristes du Droit de la Vigne et du Vin / International Wine Law Association (AIDV International) was founded over 30 years ago to promote and develop wine law internationally. It has gained official observer status both with the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin/International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) and World Intellectual Property Association (WIPO), providing privileged access to first-hand knowledge. The AIDV strives to pursue the development and understanding of all aspects of wine law through education, research, publications, initiatives and discussions.

AIDV International hosts an annual wine law conference, typically in the autumn. Members of all chapters are welcome to attend.

The next AIDV International conference will be held in autumn 2024 (details to follow).

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