AIDV International Robert Tinlot Moot Court Competition March 14-15, 2022

Despite the difficult context of these days, at this time of the year the final step of the AIDV – Robert Tinlot Moot Court Competition takes place, organized by the Wine & Law Program – A Jean Monnet Chair and the Georges Chappaz Institute for Vine and Wine in Champagne, graciously supported by the AIDV. The pleadings will take place in Reims on March 14 & 15.

This year we have the pleasure to welcome a team from Latin America (the University of Salvador, in Argentina) together with the teams of Alicante, Reims, Roma Tre and Strasbourg.

Besides, on the occasion of this international meeting, we want to unite the forces in the field of Wine Law. This is why at the margin of the Competition program, we have scheduled the following events:

  • on the afternoon of March 14, the students of our Master’s degree will present in front of professionals of the wine sector a seminar on current issues of Wine Law. This year, it will concern “The new CMO for wine: “hybrids, desalcoholisation and changes in the protection of PDOs/PGIs”, followed by questions and a debate on these fundamental issues.
  • on the morning of March 15, just before the finalist teams “cross swords” all participating teams (with the exception of the finalists) will participate to a Round Table on the 30 Years of the Loi Evin, and more precisely on “The Loi Evin in the Digital Era (Social Media, Internet and Beyond)“, with the participation of: L. CARRARA (Rome), M. CRUPI (Alicante), T. GEORGOPOULOS (Reims), V. GIMENO (Alicante), F. HONORAT (Paris), C. LE GOFFIC  (Lille), S. MARTIN (EUIPO), R.-J. PRINS (Aix), M. ROJO (Salvador).

I  hope this is likely to interest the AIDV members. Please note that limited places will be available (upon registration). The event will not be available on streaming but it will be recorded and made available on Jus Vini blog ( shortly afterwards.